Laser Shot: Firearms Training Simulators and Ranges provides affordable, alternative training solutions for Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

Laser Shot is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and fielding of firearm simulator systems and live-fire training facilities.  For over 15 years, Laser Shot has fielded and sustained millions of dollars in industry-unique training systems and services to militaries, federal, state, and local law enforcement, and other government agencies worldwide.

Laser Shot’s line of Real Combat® training solutions provides a full spectrum of comprehensive systems with intuitive features bundled in distinguishable segments for both military and law enforcement users.  The Laser Shot Team represents solid experience in providing broad-based solutions to training including:

  • Mobile and Classroom-Based Firearms Training Simulators with Virtual Targetry
  • Live-Fire Training Systems that Utilize Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Virtual Targetry
  • MMTS, Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator
  • MMTS Tier 1 & 2 - Warrior Skills Trainer
  • PSATS, Portable Small Arms Training Simulator
  • SIMRANGE, Ultra-Short Throw / Built-In Hit Detection Camera
  • Crosshair™, Magnified Optics Simulator
  • Convoy Operations Simulator, Mounted Gunnery Trainer
  • Boat Simulator, Naval Gunnery Trainer 
  • Crew Training Simulators with Realistic Crew Served Weaponry
  • Wide Range of In-House Designed and Manufactured Simulated Training Weapons
  • Live Fire Facilities Including 360° Shoot Houses and Firing Ranges
  • Close Quarters (CQB) Simulator - Modular Virtual Shoothouse
  • Integration of VBS3, the World’s Most Highly Adopted Military Training Software, into an LVC simulated environment

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